Frequently asked questions

When will my flowers arrive?

Flowers will arrive every week, fortnight or month, on the Wednesday after your payment is taken.  If you subscribe after Monday, your first delivery will be the following week on a Wednesday. We will let you know if there are any delays, or if the delivery date is going to change – such as if Christmas day falls on a Wednesday.

If you have chosen a gift, you will be asked to select a subscription start date. This refers to your billing cycle, with deliveries made each Wednesday. To secure next available delivery, select the first Monday.

When will my payment be taken?

Depending on the subscription you have chosen, your payment will be taken on the same day that you signed up in each period.  So, if you have a weekly subscription and signed up on a Tuesday, your payment will be taken on the Tuesday each week.

What happens if I pause my subscription?

If you pause your subscription after payment and still due a delivery, you will receive flowers for the following Wednesday. The subscription payment and deliveries will then be paused for a maximum of 2 subscription periods. After this, your subscription will continue and payment taken. If you do not wish to be charged again, please cancel your subscription within the 2 periods. 

Weekly - can pause for 2 x weeks
Fortnightly - can pause for 2 x fortnights (4 weeks)
Monthly - can pause for 2 x months

Can I opt out of a specific bouquet or flower?

No, you are unable to opt out of a specific type of flower, however you do have the option to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I change the frequency of my subscription?

Please call 0333 014 3535 to change the frequency of your subscription

Can I have my flower arrangements delivered to a different address other than the billing address?

Yes, simply select gift within the checkout and enter the shipping address of the recipient.

Where can I find out about what flowers will be delivered this week?

We carefully select a unique bouquet for each delivery. Please visit our homepage for an idea of the types of bouquets you will receive as part of your subscription.

What is your flower freshness guarantee?

We guarantee that your flowers will look beautiful for at least five days.

How do I care for my flowers?

Your flowers will come with a leaflet outlining detailed care instructions. They will be sent at bud stage to prolong life. Fill a clean vase with 1 litre of fresh water and add the flower food provided and remember to cut 2-3cm off the base of each stem. Make sure you top up the vase with fresh water regularly.

How long are my flowers expected to last?

Our flowers come with a 5-day freshness guarantee. 

Why do my flowers appear wilted and dehydrated?

The leaflet sent with all flowers explains why your flowers may appear to be wilted and dehydrated. Your flowers are sent dry and you may notice they look slightly wilted on arrival but your blooms will revive within 24 hours by adding water. These flowers have been sent at bud stage to prolong life.

Can I choose a different bouquet?

No, there is no option to change or swap your flowers. 

Can I get my subscription delivered outside of the UK?

The M&S Flower Subscription service is only available in UK. However, there are some UK postcodes we are unable to deliver to, please see FAQ below.

Are there any postcodes you don’t deliver to?

We do not deliver to the postcodes below, as we cannot guarantee the full freshness of flowers upon arrival:

PA 62-75


What should I do if I am not happy with the quality and freshness of my flowers?

Your flowers have been specially chosen to showcase seasonal blooms at their best. We hope that you will be delighted with your flowers. If you do have an issue, give us a call on 033 301 43535 and we will be happy to help.

Why are the flowers I have received different to the flowers featured on the homepage?

In some instances, you may receive a different bouquet to the bouquet featured on the homepage. We will always ensure the highest quality flowers are delivered to our customers. 

Why is there so much cardboard and packaging with my flower delivery?

We want to ensure your flowers will arrive in excellent condition which requires a certain amount of packaging to enable us to do this.  We do continue to work with our suppliers to improve our environmental impact and try to keep any packaging to a minimum.

My flower delivery says on the label that some of the flowers have been dyed? Will this transfer?

Some of our flowers are dyed to enhance their appearance. Dye may transfer, but it is easily washable

Can I choose which flowers I receive?

You are unable to choose which flowers you receive. Our subscription bouquets are specifically created to ensure you receive the best seasonal fresh-cut flowers with every delivery. Each week, the upcoming bouquet is showcased on the homepage, so you can get a sneak peak if you want to see what’ll be arriving next.

Do I need to be at home to receive my flowers?

You don’t need to be at home for your flowers to be delivered. DPD will let you know what time and where your flowers have been delivered. You can also provide DPD a safe place to leave your delivery using the tracking code sent prior to your delivery.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime. If you cancel after your latest payment, you will receive flowers for the following Wednesday. Any future payment and flower deliveries will be cancelled.  

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps: 
1) Log in to the account summary page 
2) Click on 'manage' in the My Subscriptions section 
3) Click on ‘Subscription Settings’ in the bottom right corner 
You will then be able to cancel your subscription. 

How do I amend my details or cancel my subscription?

To manage your subscription, please log onto your account accessible via the homepage. If you have any issues, please call 0333 014 3535